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Søndagsfrokosten smaker virkelig som dessert disse havrene er tilberedt med bare…

Søndagsfrokosten smaker virkelig som dessert 🤤 denne havren er tilberedt med naked litt vaniljeekstrakt og vann, så toppet jeg den med fersk banan, blandede bær hampfrø, mandelsmør, lønnesirup og hukitchen mørk sjokolade, for hvorfor i helvete ikke? 😋 Ikke hør på noen som forteller deg at du ikke kan ha sjokolade til frokost 😉 Jeg ser på det som mat som er bra for sjelen. God søndag!

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  1. the plate is so pretty do you eat it like that or mix it all up .I love oatmeal and you have lots of beautiful bowls for me to try

  2. Hi! I was wondering if you could talk more about extreme hunger? I’m in recovery for my recently-diagnosed anorexia and the extreme hunger is bothering me so, so much. It feels like no matter what I eat, I’m still starving. Were there any healthy foods that you found particularly helpful for staying full longer or combating extreme hunger in your recovery? Thanks 🙂

  3. What type of oats do you use? Rolled, steel cut?? Your meals look delicious. I need to up my breakfast game.

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